7 Best Hookup Apps for Guys

Some may say a hookup app is a hookup app but not I. I am a firm believer that all hookup apps stand alone, and some are inherently better than others. This is especially true for men, who tend to look for very specific things in a dating app. Men look for hookup apps for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes life is just too busy and too much fun to worry about being an attentive partner and you need something noncommittal. Sometimes you just step out of a relationship and want something with no strings attached. Maybe that’s just the way you live life and the thought of settling down makes you want to drive your motorcycle off a cliff. For whatever reason, there are a ton of great hookup apps for guys. Here are the top five in no particular order.

Best Hookup App #7 – XMatch

This is a personals type situation for dating and just hooking up. It is reminiscent of old newspaper personal ads. It is free to join, and they encourage couples and alternative scenes. Users set up a profile and then browse others to find people into the same sex scene they are or want to be. There is an option to record a video introduction making it really easy to find others interested in swinging, group sex, threesomes, or just one-on-one hookups. >>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #6 – Mimitate

This one truly is a hell of an idea. It all revolves around your taste in movies and your ability to take a good selfie. The app has your log on when your DTF and upload a pic of yourself with the flick of your choice. Interested viewers will respond with a similar pic with the same film. Netflix and chill level up. Women like it because they are they ones responding, much like Bumble. It is an unusual twist on something that’s been done from every angle. That’s always a plus. >>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #5 – Disckreet

If you’re looking for a hookup app for guys that is secure enough to hide important photos, videos, and texts, this is it. It requires two-passcodes and can be shared with one other person. It is a wonderful choice if you are having an affair, or making sex videos. Everything is secure and cannot be leaked or used for revenge porn. It is photo-based so if you were hoping for something more sext-like, this might not be the best hookup apps for guys in your arena. >>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #4 – Wingman

This soon to be launched app is all about making the best of your time I the air. Download it before a flight and use it on the trip. Once connected to airport Wi-Fi, it uses all flight information to connect you with someone on the same trip with similar interests. How insanely cool is that? It threatens to revolutionize the airline industry; turning every flight into a hookup lounge. Its is a great concept set to release in early 2020. >>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #3 – Pure

This app is one of the best hookup apps for guys because of its straight forward approach. It states boldly that its sole intention is to hookup people for random, no-strings-attached, anonymous sex. Accounts only last an hour during which users can contact others on the site. Arrangements have to be made quickly before connections disappear. It is the perfect environment for quick hookups.
There are two honorable mentions in the running for best hookup apps for guys. >>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #2 – AdultFriendFinder

Okay. We have all heard about it and you have probably checked it out already but its worth a list. There is a lot going on at this place so be prepared to spend some time exploring. No matter how much you think you know about sex and the communities within, there is always something new around the corner. This is the place to seek out what you don’t know. Find friends based on interest, location and many other search terms. >>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Best Hookup App #1 -Tinder

Tinder is another old standby. It is hard not to pay homage to Tinder as the Godfather of all hookup sites. The initial birthplace of the swipe technology used in so many more dating apps afterward set a precedent. Everything should be so easy. While still in use and very effective, there are a lot of newer hookup apps for guys to check out. >>>>> DOWNLOAD IT HERE