If you’ve made your way to my website, it’s probably because you’re not having as much sex as you would like, or not at all. Maybe, you’ve gotten lucky a few times with a drunken hookup here and there or you were in a long term relationship up until this point in your life and you don’t know how to “play the game”. The fact is, if you exclude the years of the Roman Empire (everybody was banging everyone back then), we live in one of the most hedonistic eras in human history and at the presuppose of it all are casual dating sites such as SocialSex, Xpress Dating, Adultfriendfinder, and Sexfinder. In addition, with the progression of gender equality, sex is no longer a one-way street dominated by men. Therefore, there is really no excuse for you not to be having the best and most frequent sex of your life. And if you follow the guidelines I have created on this website, you will definitely have NO EXCUSE!!!

Before I lay out the steps you need to take to start having more sex with gorgeous women, I’d like to demystify some common misconceptions. First off, any guy that complains about not getting laid is, without a doubt, doing something wrong. If you’ve gotten laid a few times, it wasn’t because the girl was a little tipsy or that you “just got lucky”. It was because you were doing all the right things to attract a woman and you increased her desire to have sex with you. The problem is you have no idea what you were doing that made you attractive in her eyes. So the first thing that you have to admit to before you can really take advantage of the steps I’m going to put forth is that, up until now, your approach to having sex is flawed. If you can recognize this fact, then the road to more sex will be that much easier to follow

Another common misconception is that only good looking guys are able to hookup & have sex with beautiful women. First of all, I know a lot of good looking men who are terrible with women. There is no question that when these guys go out to a club or a bar, they immediately attract the attention of women. This is evolutionary biology and it’s written in our genetic code. However, humans aren’t wild animals anymore and simply being physically attractive isn’t enough. Human courtship is far more complicated. Where it all falls apart for these good looking guys who are bad with women is when they decide to open their mouth and proceed to say all the wrong things or they present themselves in an unattractive fashion. I’m going to tell you right now that the main thing that attracts women is CONFIDENCE. You need to forget about these good looking guys and realize that attraction and sex all come down to being confident and making a woman feel the right way…TO DESIRE YOU! My guide can absolutely help you learn how to accomplish this.

As I mentioned above, we live in an amazing time where women have as much say as men when it comes to their sexuality, especially with respect to how much they can now show their enormous desire for sex. And let me tell you, long gone are the days of women who tease men with the idea of having sex. More often than not, they want to have sex just as much, if not more than you. However, there is still the stigma of promiscuity among women. A woman who sleeps with a one too many guys is labeled a “slut” whereas a man who sleeps with a lot of women is applauded for his sexual prowess. These stereo types are silly and dated, but they do exist, and it’s largely the reason why more and more women turn to the internet to find casual dates and sex. The anonymity of a dating site allows them to be as sexual as they want without the feeling of being judged by their friends or family. Therefore, one of the keys to my guide for more sex is becoming comfortable with the idea of using a dating website and learning the best way to maneuver through these sites. In addition, the anonymity runs both ways, so when you’re on a dating website you can easily learn to be more confident and to talk to women in the ways that attract them without the fear of rejection. With my 8-step guide, and other resources found on my website, including our reviews and user-submitted articles, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade to having more sex with beautiful women. Get out of that drought and into the sexual paradise!!!

Step 1 – Avoid HookUp & Casual Dating Site Scams

If you were to do a search for hook up site scams you’d get a long list of results filled with people complaining about a huge variety of issues. First among them are the casual sex sites that are straight up rip offs..

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Step 2 – How To Create A Winning Casual Dating Profile

If you want to get laid on a site like Social Sex you need an excellent profile. Remember that there are more men than women on these sites so you need to stand out from the crowd.

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Step 3 – Selecting The Perfect Casual Dating Profile Picture

It would be nice if you could write your way into a hook up with a beautiful girl but on a sex dating site you’ll need to have a good picture to experience success. Some of you are probably writing off your chances as you read this but you needn’t let your insecurities sink you.

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Step 4 – Bullet Proof Strategy, Use Multiple Hook-up Sites

The goal of joining a sex dating site is to get laid. That goal is a lot easier when you join multiple sites. That might seem like quite an expense, but when you do the math it’s an amazing bargain.

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Step 5 – Learn How To Avoid Scammers

Even if you stick to the four sites we’ve reviewed and recommended as the best in the business you’ll run into fake and scamming profiles. The sites don’t have the manpower or the will to peruse their listings for obvious fakes so they rely on you to report them.

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Step 6 – Get Laid Fast, Spotting Vulnerable Woman

One of the easiest ways to get laid fast is to hook up with a vulnerable woman, with vulnerable meaning particularly eager to have sex for a variety of reasons. It’s all very psychological, but you don’t have to be an expert in the field or have years of experience to know what to look for..

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Step 7 – The Perfect First Email, How To Grab Her Attention

If you want to hook up you need to master the art of the first email. Unless you look like Bradley Cooper you’ll be the one sending the emails the vast majority of the time (ladies on hook up sites are inundated with messages so there’s rarely a need to pursue guys)..

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Step 8 – Date Time, Let the Hooking-Up Begin

You’ve gone through the process of building your profile and messaging girls. You’ve chatted up dozens of them and now you have a meeting set with one you met on Social Sex (or any of our other recommended sites).

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