5 Hacks to Hookup More This Summer

Summer hookups are some of the world’s most glorious pleasures. Long, warm days and nights just put people in a better mood. Even the sounds and smells of summer seems sexier than the chilly hours of other seasons. Sly smiles and shiny skin are the order of the day. Stop in any outdoor pub or poolside bar and the feeling of sex is almost palpable. Summer hookups do not always come easy, however. As much as we’d all like to do a little coupling under the warm summer sky, it isn’t an easy task to find a partner. That is, unless you know the five most important hacks to getting more summer hookups. Once you master those, your summers will be will never be lonely again.

Summer Hookups Require Summer Hygiene

Summer months are hot, especially if you live in a southern region. There is also a whole lot more activity in the summer. This means a lot more body odor. Playing volleyball on the beach might seem like leisure time but you won’t be smelling very leisurely. You can do the same work all winter that you do all summer but you’ll smell far worse in the heat. To really get the summer hookups rolling in, you’ll have to be prepared for the heat and the smells it causes. Take a shower before you go out to play. You could even keep a change of clothes in your car in case you need it. Use plenty of soap and deodorant but go easy on the cologne. Colognes and aftershaves are used to enhance your manly smell, not be an attempt to cover up body odor, which never works. You just end up smelling like sweat and Old Spice. Never good.

Summer Hookups Only Happen if You Have Style

Guys are milling around everywhere looking for a summer hookup. You aren’t the only one. In fact, you are one of many. The only way to get your summer hookups number up in the major leagues is to have a style all your own. It doesn’t have to be pricey clothing or high dollar shoes. You don’t have to glam up your jewelry collection or buy some rock stars over-priced cologne. The only real requirement is that you know how to rock it. Whatever look you choose, make it something that your truly in love with and feel uber-comfortable in. If you can rock a trendy look, go for it. If not, pick something that you can wear out and look better than anyone else in it. Your own personal rock star style is important to getting all the summer hookups you can squeeze into one season.

Be Confident with Your Potential Summer Hookup

Confidence is sexy. Research has proven it and study after study has shown why. People are attracted to other confident people. Knowing you will be OK no matter what your potential hookup decides to do gives you an added advantage. Your confidence will act as a beacon to all the horny women searching for a sexy summer hookup.

Adventure is Addicting to a Summer Hookup

Summer days are long. The sun seems to linger in the sky for days on end and even the most well planned out day trips can end too soon. You can run out of things to do if you aren’t careful. Summer is also the best time to get out to places to have never dared go and experience new things. Always be on the lookout for something different and maybe a bit dangerous to spend your days doing. Adventure is exciting and excitement is sexy.

Bone up on your Humor for More Summer Hookups

There are tons of studies that point to humor as one of the major points of attraction for women. You ever see a gorgeous woman with a subprime guy? If you’d ask her what she wants with a guy like that, nine times out of ten she will say that he makes her laugh. Funny guys always get the most summer hookups. It’s a fact. Summer is time for fun and frolic. No one wants to sit under the beach umbrella with a book worm.