5 Secret Erogenous Zones That Will Drive Your Sex Buddy Wild

5-secret-erogenous-zones-that-will-drive-your-sex-buddy-wildThere are many different ways to create sexual arousal for a woman, most of us men forget the essentials and aren’t able to steer in the right direction to actually get them there. Have no fear. All it takes is a short refresher course on what women really need and your well on your way to a night of wild abandon. If you can master her six secret erogenous zones – See The Guide – you will have her eating out of the palm of your hand.
Top 5 Secret Erogenous Zones to Help You Get your Woman There

Secret Erogenous Zone No.1 – Ears

Let’s start from the top and work our way down. Passion helps every time, so start with the simple things. Start with the ears. Kiss, bite, rub, caress, start slow and take control. Gentle is the key here. Earlobes are very tender and can easily be a sensitive spot for a woman. She will let you know if she wants you to get rougher so pay attention to her cues. Using this secret erogenous zone is the first step to driving her wild.

Secret Erogenous Zone No.2 – Neck

Move from her ears to her neck. The neck has so many potentials, it’s a place to grab, hold, kiss, bite, whatever she likes, the neck is one of the most important parts because it takes such an understanding and control to get right for the both of you. So many men enjoy wrapping their lips and fingers around a softly scented neck. Kissing the base of the spine is a big turn-on for both of you. Many women enjoy the feel of a man’s hand on her throat, feeling her heart beat. Much of the excitement at this point is in learning what makes each other moan and shiver and then taking it to the very furthest limit.

Secret Erogenous Zone No. 3 – Chest

The ribs / chest area is underestimated. Most of the time we allow ourselves to be distracted by breast, and this can become a conflict. Woman love their breast to be fondled ,caressed and attention shown to them, but we seem to forget the power of our fingertips when it comes to their chest, slightly caressing and holding firm are a man’s best friend. A woman loves for a man to show some force and be able to hold them gently at the same time. Great Article – Why Woman want their men to be a caring caveman. Finding that perfect balance is a part of the art of sex.

Secret Erogenous Zone No.4 – Stomach

The stomach is such a beautiful place on a woman’s body, a garden of beauty. On no other place on a woman can you see the excitement tremble as you slowly slide your fingers from their chest down all her beautiful curves. Gently kiss and lick her tummy as you deeply inhale her scent. Make eye contact every few seconds so she knows your enjoying every moment of this game. This secret erogenous zone will begin a landslide of moans and writhing movements. Be prepared to carry her through to the end now that you have her so excited.

Secret Erogenous Zone No.5 – Below the Waist

Now from here is where we mess up the most. We as men tend to think that once we are allowed past the stomach that its a straight shot to glory. WRONG! Once you can move down, this is where passion is key. You must take your time when entering the secret erogenous zone. Her thighs are the first order of business. Remember not to rush. Caress your woman. Her thighs are sensitive, and yet we always forget to tease this secret erogenous zone. Use the heat of your mouth and excite her with the feeling of a soft kiss. Make her want to beg for you to keep touching her even if all you do is slightly touch and kiss. You have a chose here whether to take things further and initiate oral sex or move straight into sex. Use her cues to help you decide your course of action. VIDEO – How To Perform Oral On A Woman

These are the top 5 secret erogenous zones but when comes down to it, all six are needed to make things reach their potential. Just remember to have fun and enjoy each other.