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On January 29, 2013
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The site that started it all Adultfriendfinder is still one of the best casual dating options around. Huge member base filled with hotties looking to hookup. Highly Recommended!

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Adult Friend Finder was the first ever casual dating site. Its creator was running a vanilla dating site and it was clear a significant percentage of his members were interested in a naughtier version (they did so by uploading naked pictures to the vanilla dating site) and so the first hook up site dedicated to helping adults meet for casual was born. Now it’s the most successful of all the sites in this genre and among the four best in the business. Membership is well-priced, the design is fantastic and easy to use, and there’s a ton of bonus content at your fingertips should you commit to a full paid membership.


The Five Point Test Of AdultFriendFinder

1) Real Vs Fake Members On Adult Friend Finder

As you probably know by now the folks that run sex dating sites like to spice up the listings a little by creating profiles for unusually beautiful women or unusually pliant, horny girls that will do anything to please you. It’s marketing more than anything else but Adult Friend Finder is refreshingly free of the more obvious examples of this ploy. They really don’t weigh the site down with fake profiles and as a result the listings feature normal looking girls (tip: if you’re on a sex dating site and the listings are nothing but hot chicks you can feel confident that the site is scamming you a little bit and be annoyed by that).

Because scammers are everywhere and a certain percentage of the men on sites like Adult Friend Finder are susceptible to scams via their sexual desire, you will come across scamming members here. You should never get caught up with them though if you’ve read our article on how to avoid scams. It’s exceptionally simple and largely involves not being the lonely, sad guy that believes a girl wants to see him so badly she’ll fly across the country if he’ll just pay for it. You don’t need to feel threatened by possible scams because you’ll be prepared for them. The answer to the question: Does Adult finder Work at finding Hookups? is YES!


2) Size of the Membership Base

There’s no question that Adult Friend Finder has the largest base of active members looking to hook up. You might find another site with more total members (those that have signed up and canceled included) but you won’t find a site with more genuine men and women looking to hook up than this one. They have more than 40 million registered members, but that number doesn’t mean a whole lot since it includes those that haven’t been on the site in years.
Adult Friend Finder has the most hook up friendly user base in the sex dating world because they’ve cultivated that. They’re not like other sites that pretend to be about dating and dance around the idea of sex. They’re perfectly clear this is a sex site and it makes the whole experience vastly superior.

3) Site Design and Navigation Review Of Adult Friend Finder

Over the years Adult Friend Finder has been through countless design revisions as they fold in new technology, improve their search function, and add more information to the profiles. What’s always been constant is their dedication to quality, which means they spend the time and money necessary to make the design great. They keep it simple and straightforward because they recognize that a sex dating site is about meeting people and actually dating, not about overwhelming you with design bells and whistles that ultimately serve no purpose.
They keep their navigation system compact. Under the My Stuff header you’ll find everything having to do with your quest to get laid, each link taking you to a useful page (favorites list, profile, friends, etc). There are a small handful of search options that take you around the site and illuminate the girls available in a variety of ways. You can also browse the hottest videos, photos, and members and check out free streaming professional porn movies. They let you chat with others or sign up for a webcam show. There’s also an amazingly in depth community section where you can read blogs, join groups and post with others, read a magazine full of info, and more. This is why my Adult Finder review is so positive.


4) Does AdultFriendFinder Work At Finding Hookups?

Adult Friend Finder sits at the top of the heap where hook up sites are concerned. Others in the recommended section come close, but none are better in terms of getting you laid. All the ingredients come together: lots of members, an excellent design that makes it easy to browse and message, a slick search function, and plenty of info about the girls you want to date.
The most important element is the aforementioned community. It’s what makes Adult Friend Finder stand out from the competition in such an impressive way and it’s largely due to the site being around for so long and the owners recognizing that repeat business is what will make them the most money. Adult Friend Finder fosters a sense of community where you can actually get to know many of the guys and girls in your area or that have the same fetish or sexual preferences you do. That sense of community is what breeds in the members a desire to come back, to stay members, and to have sex without a sense of judgment. If you’re insecure about what you want and meeting women this is the place to go since they make it so easy to forget about all of that and finally embrace what you desire. For this reason I can say with absolute certainty, The Hookup Site AdultFriendFinder is legit!

5) Payment Details

Discounts are offered if you sign up for multiple months at a time. One month costs $19.95, a remarkably low price when you consider all that’s offered. Four months costs $60, and 18 months costs $180. Adult Friend Finder also offers a money back guarantee if you call within 30 days of ordering a gold membership and haven’t gotten laid. Currently they’ll refund 110% of what you paid if you had no luck getting busy with a lady. Your credit card will be discreetly billed.

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