Be Naughty Review

BeNaughtyBe Naughty is a beautiful site. They’ve done an exceptional job with the design, crafting a modern-looking website with excellent color choices, smart layout, and more. It’s easy to use, particularly after you’ve spent a little time with it and are familiar with the basics. There’s a lot going on, too. There are blogs, a free forum, chat rooms, profiles to search, and more. So why isn’t this a better site?

The more you dig into Be Naughty the more you discover that so much of what they’ve done is build a great structure around a whole lot of nothing, sadly. Sign up as a free member and you’ll find a steady stream of fake messages coming your way. A mail from a pretty girl waits in your inbox but you’ll have to pay if you want to read it. A pretty girl wants to chat with you but before you can do that you’ll have to sign up for a membership. What happens when you actually pay?

If you become a paying member, which you’ll have to do if you want to message anyone (it’s $35/month if you join for one month and cheaper if you sign up for multiple months at a time), you can begin contacting girls and discover that so many of them aren’t real. There are lots and lots of fake profiles here on Be Naughty, as sure a sign as there is that it’s not a good place to do your sex dating. Search for guys on the site and you’ll see that a huge percentage haven’t put pictures up yet. Those are guys that signed up for free profiles and are looking around, which is perfectly normal. Search the girls and you’ll see that almost all of them have put up pictures. That’s abnormal and it’s because those profiles are almost all fakes setup by the site to lure you into joining so you can contact some of those hotties. Every sex dating site does this. The good ones keep it to a minimum so you can actually get in contact with people when you become a member. Be Naughty has not mastered that, which means wasting a lot of time messaging women that don’t exist. It also means there aren’t many actual women joining.

The advertisements at Be Naughty are a little more nefarious than most. For instance, they ask you to download a browser toolbar. It will help you stay in touch with your dating world and it will help them serve advertisements to you. The same goes for the desktop chat and mobile app they want you to download. Also, when a sex dating site advertises other sex dating sites it’s a very bad sign. They really shouldn’t be directing their customers to the competition. Finally, it’s a little odd that the success stories page on a sex dating site is all about people forming successful relationships. It’s like they stole them from eHarmony.

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