Tips For Flirting With Cute Girls

Tips For Flirting With Cute GirlsFlirting is essential for hooking up successfully. In essence, it is the ancillary communication of sexual interest to a woman you’re interested in. Any guy can pick up a tipsy gal at the bar and have a wild drunken evening in a clandestine spot. The trick to the really satisfying sexual experiences is great flirting. Flirting is so much more than most men think it is and when done correctly, the world of women is your oyster. There are simple tricks and tips anyone can employ to ramp up their flirt game and successfully hook up with that amazing woman.

One of the best flirting tips for men ever is eye contact. It’s a basic tip you hear all the time but no one seems to take it seriously or realize just how important it is. Flirting is indirect, or something you do without making a direct correlation to what you want. “Making eyes” at someone and women batting their eyelashes to portray romantic interest is a portent to how important eye contact is in the flirting game. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul and your intention is read there no matter what words you are speaking. The problem is that some people find it hard to make eye contact, especially when they find the other person attractive. The trick to using eye contact when flirting is to seek out her eyes BEFORE you speak to her. Before any words are spoken or handshakes taken, you must meet her eyes and give her a burning look of interest and excitement. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth. Flirting with your eyes establishes a connection and begins to build excitement and anticipation.
A charming and witty sense of humor is also a must for successful flirting. Psychologists have told us for years that laughter and smiling make life in general easier to handle. It only makes sense that it would also help a romantic relationship feel more comfortable. Studies have also shown us that women are more attracted to men who can make them laugh. It isn’t productive to take any situation to seriously, laughing helps lighten touchy situations and makes uncomfortable dating scenarios easier to deal with. Using humor during flirting is a good technique. Humor when flirting keeps your tender ego at bay and puts a delicate wall up to allow you to charm her while simultaneously learning her personality. Humor and subtle jokes allow you to save face if she isn’t interested in you. It gives you a graceful way to say thank you for your time and exit without egg on your face but it also helps break down her defenses and see a softer side of you.

Body language is also important when flirting. Posture and stance are just as important as your mom always said it was, but for slightly different reasons. Standing tall with your shoulders back and making direct eye contact with those you interact with portrays confidence and strength, both characteristics women are attracted to. Women aren’t the only ones who preen and fix their hair when flirting. Men do it too and women are attracted to men who seem to want to keep a clean and tidy appearance. Subtle touches are also a great way to flirt. Nothing bold or untoward. Those moves will get you a sharp slap to the face. Instead, try softly touching her elbow as she sits on a bar stool or perhaps a firm touch to the small f her back as you maneuver through the parking lot. Body language to avoid would be folding your arms across your body, talking or moving too fast and pointing your body away from her. All of those moves show weakness, nervousness or disinterest.
Narcissism is a huge turn-off. This is not to say that women do not want to hear about you and your life. They do, they really do, but it has to be in subtle and mixed in between questions about her and her life. Reveal tidbits about your life when they pertain to aspects of her own life and when she asks you for information.
Flirting is not easy but it isn’t rocket science either. We are born with an innate knowledge of how to approach women, as is evident with all the third grade class clowns and Casanovas who just give it their best shot. It takes only a bit of concentration and a desire to meet someone special.