Horny Matches Review

Horny MatchesHorny Matches will take you back to a time when websites were simply designed with little to no flair or features and graphical work was limited or nonexistent. Those are not good qualities, by the way. It genuinely appears that this site has not been updated since it was launched nearly a decade ago and the site has suffered for it. In fact, this is Horny Matches of the worst adult dating sites you’ll ever come across.

It should come as no surprise that hook up sites have more men than women. Sure, women like to hook up and are down with the idea of using the internet to do so, but they don’t have the same drive as men to do so. However, most sites work hard to recruit women and try to keep the ratio reasonable so the guys actually have a chance at getting laid. Horny Matches has not mastered that and it has largely killed the site of any usefulness it might have had for a guy looking to get laid.

It varies based on location, but in general the ratio of men to women at Horny Matches is 30 to 1. That’s thirty men for every one woman, in case you missed it. Some of those guys will be utter mouth breathing losers that couldn’t pick up on a girl if their life depended on it, but even if half the guys that signed up are hopeless fools you still have a major uphill battle if you want to get laid via Horny Matches. There are other issues with the site, but with that ratio at your fingertips there’s no reason to even consider joining this site. Even if you were given a free membership you’d want to pay for one of the better sites because you could actually get laid. Just imagine the deluge of messages the women on Horny Matches get every day. To stand out from that crowd you’d have to be something truly special and if that was the case you’d want to stand out from the crowd on a site with more women, thereby getting you laid more often.

What’s incredibly disappointing is that Horny Matches still has fake profiles in the mix. A quick look through some of the listings shows plenty that are obviously fake. A 49 year old woman with a picture of a lingerie model listed. A 24 year old using a picture of a pornstar even though she’s living right in your town. These are not real profiles so the ratio is dropped even lower, making it basically impossible to get laid should you pay for a membership to this disappointing site.

There are no bells and whistles at Horny Match, either. There will be no video chat or instant messaging. You can email but that’s about it. There’s no free amateur porn videos or pictures and no articles on hooking up, having great sex, navigating swing clubs, and much more. This is the last site you should consider joining because you will never get laid here.

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