How Long Does It Take The Average Woman To Know If She Wants To Hookup

how-long-does-it-take-the-average-woman-to-know-if-she-wants-to-hookupWhen you’re going out for a hookup and wondering what it is women use to decide if you’re the one, it can be frustrating. Women are fascinating and confusing creatures that take a lifetime to understand but there are a few things that are clear as a bell. See the signs she wants to hookup with you HERE One of the most obvious things about women is how long it takes them to decide if they’re going to hookup. There are a few noticeable actions women take that show us their time table and whether or not she wants to hookup.

If She Wants to Hookup Shell be Looking for This

The first thing a woman will look for if she wants to hookup is how attractive you are to her. This happens instantaneously but can change as she talks more to you. What this tells us is that you have to come with you’re A-game. Do not go out of the house in your work clothes. Don’t go to the bar in your casual house clothes either. Make sure that if you’re going out to get laid you look the best you can. Wear the best outfit you have and make sure you smell great. Catching her eye when you first walk through the door is a step in the right direction.

Here’s Your Time Frame If She Wants to Hookup

Within the first few minutes you walk into the room, a woman knows if she finds you attractive or not. VIDEO: Signs She Finds You Attractive – If she wants to hookup, you’ll know it immediately. If she isn’t sure she will engage you in conversation and gauge your personality and looks combined. She will decide within moments if you are her type and worth the trouble. There is always the possibility that she will not find you attractive, nor very interesting. In those cases, you can chalk it up to a bad night and move on. However, there still may be some hope for you yet.

It Might Take Her Longer to Realize She Wants to Hook Up

You guys may not hit it off right off the bat. Maybe you said the wrong thing or it didn’t come out right. Perhaps you stepped on her foot or spilled a drink on her. Don’t worry, it could be worse. You can actually change this situation into a positive with a little charm Click Here to learn how to be charming. and congeniality. This is a perfect opportunity to sit back and talk with her. Let your real personality show. Make jokes. Compliment her. Ask her to dance. Let her know she could be making a mistake by going with her first impression. Change her mind with charm and persistence.

Things That Help Her Decide if She Wants to Hookup

There is a lot that goes into that 15 second decision a woman makes. It is more than just an initial impression. It is everything she knows about you as well as all the feelings and emotions she has went through since first seeing you. She may have seen you pull up in a nice car, or perhaps she saw a few other women look at you upon arrival. Or it may be your clothes. A particularly dapper cut or flattering color can make a subliminal impression that she isn’t even aware of. These tiny details are embedded in her mind and help her to make her decision. Make sure that you are aware of all the messages your sending and how they will affect the woman you’re interested in.

The moral of this story is that while women will make a split-second decision on your future sex life, it isn’t set in stone. You may be able to change her mind with a few well-placed jokes and a brilliant smile. If you find she isn’t reacting to you exactly like you’d like her too, simply regroup and come back with a new plan. Knowing what she finds amusing and what turns her on is a great way to start so pay attention to what she says and where her gaze falls. If all else fails, there are more fish in the sea and one is swimming around waiting for you right now.