How to Throw A Hookup Party

If you’re lucky enough, every once in a blue moon, you get enough time at the right time to throw a hookup party. A hookup party entails a bunch of people in every type of relationship who are interested in exploring other things with other people. Nothing is meant to last, and no one expects it to. No one asks for phone numbers. It isn’t cool to try to stay in contact. The whole thing is about giving in to that feeling of wild animal abandonment. Throwing a hookup party can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like. It is all in the planning.

Step One For Throwing A Hookup Party: Who are your guests?

You must have enough guests to attend a sex party to make it successful, obviously. Take enough preplanning time to really flesh out who all would definitely show up to a hookup party. Start with people you know ill be down and ask them to help line up other people. If you aren’t against it, do some advertising among your peers and spread the word for a few weeks before the big event. You don’t even have to know party specifics to be able to get your feelers out and judge if there are enough interested people around.

Step Two For Throwing A Hookup Party: Where is the party?

Finding the perfect location for a hookup party is the easiest part of all. It can be your own home, a hotel, a houseboat, a rental cabin, or a tent in the wilderness next to a campfire. You pick your theme and go for it. The only requirement is that it allows people to feel comfortable enough to be themselves and get to know each other. Choose somewhere close to private areas so guests can easily slip off together.

Step Three For Throwing A Hookup Party: When is the party?

Choosing a day and time for a hookup party can be a difficult part of the process. Weekends are always good, but you want to make sure no concerts, parties, or big events are going on at the same time. Make it a date far enough in advance so people will have time to plan for it and schedule it into their life. Guests should not begin arriving until after dark. There are obvious and practical reasons for this, but it also lends to the sexy, mysterious atmosphere.

Step Four For Throwing A Hookup Party: Plan your menu.

All the greatest hookup parties have a great menu. (Some Party Food Ideas) Even if its just chips and dip, make sure to spend the extra for the good stuff. Get a caterer. Fast food restaurants and grocery stores make some pretty decent finger food trays. Meat and cheese, sandwiches, fruits, sweets, and nuts are all received well. Decide right away if you are going to serve alcohol. It tends to loosen the mood, but always offer an alternative if you do.

Step Five For Throwing A Hookup Party: Invite your guests.

Mailing out real paper invitations is a classy step. When your inviting people to a hookup party where they may get naked, classy is a good way to go. You can go all out and have them printed or engraved on thick stock paper, buy some at Walmart and fill in the blanks, or even print them at home. Another option is the trendy evite you can send via email, messenger, or instant message. Alert your guests to the hookup party deets and whether they need to bring anything. Its smart to include an RSVP.

Step Six For Throwing A Hookup Party: Set up for your hookup party.

If you have chosen to have a few snacks available and serve wine at your place, your set up will be fairly easy. It will be considerably more complicated if you have rented the local event hall and hired a caterer. Give yourself ample time to set up your area and don’t be afraid to get some help. Do not set yourself up for disappointment by expecting everything to go without a hitch. There will be a few surprise flubs throughout the night but that doesn’t mean the party won’t be a success.

Planning a hookup party is not as hard as you may think. It takes some time and imagination, but it can go smoothly with little effort or expense.