How To Use Social Media To Find A Hookup

how-to-use-social-media-to-find-a-hookupThere are dating sites galore. No matter your interest, you can find a site that caters to it. If you like heavy women, older women, short women – you’ll find a site to showcase those ladies for you. Most of these sites are free but there are some, like eHarmony and Match that want to charge you for their services. The only problem with dating sites is they don’t really work. No one really reads each other’s profiles. They just choose a person based on their profile pic and hope it works out. For this reason, it is often easier to find a hookup on social media (See the dangers HERE) than on a dating site.

Find a Hookup with an Old Friend

Social media is great for reconnecting with people from your past. It’s so searchable it makes finding anyone a snap. If you have an idea where the person lives its even easier. Old girlfriends and high school crushes can easily be part of the present with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have you ever wondered what happened to someone from your past you feel you didn’t get to know as well as you wanted? Social media provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Find a Hookup with a New Friend

One person comments on a thread and then another and another. You may join in and find yourself in a conversation with someone new. The Internet is notorious for spawning torrid love affairs and this is one reason why. It is so easy to see someone’s comment and zip over to look at their profile. If that seems appealing, you shoot her a friend request and go from there. It won’t be long before a conversation starts and before you know it your talking to her every day.

Social Media is a More Organic Way to Find a Hookup

Using dating sites and all the new age apps to find a hookup can seem a little impersonal. Although it’s true that you can peruse pictures and read personal bios, the whole dating site situation is a tad cold. Much like a meat market, everything is available for a price. Dating on social media is more like reality. Good Article: How social media has changed dating – Things are more dependent on conversation and personality. Personal interests and likes come into play way more often in social media based relationships.

Find a Hookup That’s More Authentic on Social Media

People tend to tell the truth more often on social media than on dating sites. Social media profiles are followed by coworkers and family members. It’s hard to lie when your Minister is on your friends list. If you find a hookup on social media you can be sure that at least some of what she tells you is true. A good way to figure it out is to see who is on her friends list. Is her mom and dad followers of hers? Does she have work friends tagged in her pics? The more people from her everyday life she has on her page, the more likely she’ll be telling you the truth the majority of the time.

Find a Hook up That is Close to You

So many dating sites give you matches that are far away from you geographically. Even though many have GPS capabilities, it seems as though they are unable to match anyone within a 100-mile radius. Using social media to find a hookup is going to make sure that you find a hookup that is in your neighborhood. If you are finding her in your newsfeed or local groups, you can be sure that you will be able to find her around town without much trouble at all.

There are a lot of benefits to dating from social media. Dating sites are often expensive and never worth the money. Even if they’re free, they don’t give the quality matches your looking for, or the ones you would chose for yourself. Using social media gives you the advantage of a dating site with the benefits of local connections and networking. Use the best of both worlds to your advantage and you’ll soon find yourself with more dates than you can handle.