Top Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong To Hookup In The Online Dating World

Top Things Youre Probably Doing Wrong To Hookup In The Online Dating WorldJust saying the phrase hook up leads one to believe that it would an easy thing to do. Like you could just walk up to a woman you fancy and it’s a done deal from the first smile. This deceptively simple brand has led to the desperate depression of many an online dater. Thankfully, there are ways around this dilemma that can actually leave you better off than you were before you delved into the depths of this dash of the pen. The first thing you must examine is not what you can do differently but what you are doing wrong and should never do again. You must identify your biggest party fouls of the online hook up scene. In doing so, your game will improve 10 fold.

Your Bio leaves an impression

This little gem has been mentioned in every article in the world about online dating. There is a reason for that. It’s because its important. So important it could be considered the single most important factor in your online dating experience. Your bio must be a perfect description of yourself without being braggy or goofy. It should have a measure of humor without being silly or nonsensical. You should mention the things that are most important to you. Talk about your most interesting hobbies and past times. Bring out your biggest accomplishments and show your love of humanity. The closer you can get to your real self the better off you will be. Read tips for writing the perfect bio here

A picture is worth 1000 words

Right alongside your bio is your pic. It absolutely must not be a photo-shopped rendition of your senior photo. It has to be a recent, natural and preferably nonprofessional photo. There are exceptions. Sometimes you just love one specific shot in your yearly family photo shoot. Go ahead and use it if you feel like it really fits your style and personality. You will also have to fill an album with photos so if you use a professional photo as a profile picture, make sure to fill up your album with tons of candid, natural shots. Just because they are shot on a cell phone doesn’t mean they have to look cheesy. There are some really great cell phone cameras out now and it isn’t hard to choose a complimentary frame or funny caption to add to the charm.

Crass is not Cute

Just because you are online, some people feel that gives them a license to behave in the worst possible manner. There is a specific type of men who get a kick out of sending opening lines like Hey Sexy, nice ass! The guy who uses that pick up line is the guy who gets laid the least often. Women don’t appreciate this tactic anymore online than they do in person. A good method of judgement is if you wouldn’t say it to a woman in a real live environment, then you should not punch it out on the keyboard to her. If you’re thinking about coming off with a tactless one-liner (Click Here: Worst pick up lines of all time) go ahead and log into the porn sites because that’s as close to a real woman as you’re going to get.

Don’t be Entitled

Don’t be one of douchey, A-holes who feels every woman he approaches owes him something. Are you a douche? Read these 9 signs. To be more specific, every woman he meets owes him a date or her time or whatever. This just isn’t so and those are the guys who give the rest of us a bad name. Those of us who are just trying to find a funny opening line usually get typecast with the egotistical asshats for showing a little confidence. So tread carefully.

Don’t Assume She Will Make the First Move

No one wants to make an unwanted advance and it isn’t always easy to figure out if or when she wants you to make a move. To solve this dilemma, men will often wait for her to make the first move. Sometimes this tactic works but most often it does not. As progressed and forward moving socially as women of today are, there are many that still refuse to make the first move with a man. Waiting too long can mean missing out on an opportunity you won’t get again.

There are so many trip-ups lying in wait for today’s man trying to hook-up online. Knowing what doesn’t work and identifying what you’ve been doing wrong is the first step in really making your hook up game strong. Congradulations! You’re on your way to online dating stard