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On January 29, 2013
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Sexfinder makes our top casual dating site list and we highly recommend you give it a try.

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You have to appreciate how they get right down to business with Sex Finder. This isn’t like so many other hook up sites that try to dance around the idea that you’re signing up because you want to get laid. They know people want to hook up and they only want those that are up front about their desires for casual sex to join. They boast more than 40 million members and the sign up process is simple so you can check out the member’s area with a free trial (very limited but at least you can see local search results). With loads of singles and couples (if you haven’t tried a threesome with a couple it’s worth it or if you’re swingers it’s a great time) to choose from it’s as close to a guarantee in the online hook up world as you’re going to find.

The Five Point Review Of Sexfinder

1) Real Vs Fake Members On Sexfinder

If you’ve read our guide on hooking up via sex dating websites then you know that you need to be wary of scams when you browse these sites. It’s a sad but true reality that every site has scammers because all they need to do is purchase a membership and target their scams at the most desperate guys on the site. Sex Finder is no different in that regard, but if you’ve read the guide then you know how to avoid these scams (it largely boils down to not being blinded into stupidity by your desire to have sex and feel desirable). As long as you don’t give personal information or money to anyone you will not be scammed.
The other common occurrence on a hook up site is fake profiles designed to make the free members upgrade. Those are surprisingly rare at SexFinder. It’s possible they don’t use them at all, though it would be surprising. What’s important is that they’re rarer here than on almost any other site in the hook up world because they don’t need them. They know that the folks that will pay them month to month are those that actually have success and recognize that supermodels and pornstars don’t go to hook up sites to get laid (sorry, that’s life and that’s reality). Instead their listings are filled with genuine guys and girls that want to have sex, try out sex dating, hook up, and more. The answer to the question: Does Sexfinder Work at finding Hookups? is YES

2) Size of the Membership Base

Since Sex Finder has been around for such a long time their claim of more than 40 million members is believable. That number likely includes everyone that has ever signed up, of course, so that’s not entirely accurate in terms of the members you have access to (the same if true of a vanilla dating site like eHarmony, which has a few million paying members but claims more than 44 million members; that site sucks by the way). Ultimately the claimed numbers don’t matter all that much because when you log in you’ll see there are thousands and thousands of girls to message in any given city. Sometimes there are tens of thousands if you’re in a big city. The ratio of men to women is pretty good too, ensuring that you won’t have to fight tooth and nail to even be noticed by a girl.

3) Site Design and Navigation Review

Sex Finder boasts an excellent design that never leaves you more than a few clicks away from where you want to be and should never confuse you. Everything is presented in a clear, pleasing way and the simple approach has never failed a site like this. They want this site to run on any computer or tablet and they’ve done a great job of ensuring it does.
You can search the listings in a variety of ways. The simple search has you choose an age range, a few interests (group sex, 1 on 1 sex, naughty email, etc) and a distance from your location. If you want to dig deeper you can get into the advanced search and narrow your results by hair color, body type, relationship status, drug and alcohol use, languages spoken, etc. Managing your account and changing your profile and/or pictures is incredibly simple and intuitive. This is why my socialsex review is so positive
Sex Finder offers a stunning collection of homemade porn, too. All content has been uploaded by members over the years and they cover just about everything. There’s a wealth of hot pictures of pretty girls posing, guys showing their dongs, and couples sucking and having sex. The videos are where the real pleasure is at though. They’re incredible! It’s one of the largest compilations of homemade porn in the world and it features a little of everything so no matter what you’re interested in you should find it here.


4) Does Sexfinder Work At Finding Hookups?

Sex Finder feels different than most hook up sites. If you visit the community section you’ll see what I mean. There are millions of blog posts, thousands of shared interest groups you can join (chat with others about your love of feet, for instance), live chat going on any time of day, and more. That sense of community is incredible and it’s what draws sexually adventurous people to Sex Finder and keeps them here long term. It’s also the reason you have a nearly 100% chance of finding a hookup at sexfinder.
There are far fewer members just messing around or scamming at Sex Finder. Instead, most are here because they want sex and they know it. They’re confident in their desires and you should be too. Feel free to share what you want sexually, be it good old fashioned missionary or something far kinkier. Get you questions answered, make friends, and build a black book of booty call babes so you can get laid all the time.For this reason I can say with absolute certainty, the Hookup Site Sexfinder is legit!

5) Payment Details

30 days of membership to Sex Finder costs $29.95 and renews every 30 days. Should you feel confident you’re going to be around for a long time you can sign up for multiple months at a time and get a discount. Four months (they call it three plus a one month bonus) costs $59.80 and 18 months costs $179.10. You can pay via credit card, electronic check, or check/money order via the mail. All billing is done discreetly.

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