Signs Your Hookup Is Sexually Insecure

Sexual confidence is not something you are born with. It is a facet of your personality that develops after a series of experiences and stimuli. Being confident in anything take a lot of practice. Sex is no different. When you first start having sex, you aren’t very secure in your abilities because you have no experience in it. However, once you get some experience under your belt (pun intended), you find that you have some measure of talent and gain a bit of confidence. When you are with a person who is sexually insecure, you can’t always tell right away. She may seem confident but she also seems a bit shy. You don’t want to overwhelm her or say something that would hurt her feelings if she is sexually insecure. Fortunately, there are a few signs you can look for that will give her away. Here are the signs your hookup is sexually insecure and what you can do to help her gain some sexual confidence.

Sexually Insecure Women Do Not Try New Things

If you aren’t confident in your ability at something, you don’t really want to try anything new in that arena. Especially if you are with someone you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of. If you try to initiate a new position or different angle and she balks, it may be a sign that she is sexually insecure. If so, she feels like she cannot gracefully morph into the position you want or he body will somehow feel horrible at that angle. It doesn’t have to be rational, but her inner voice will tell her it’s a no-go.

The Darker the Better for the Sexually Insecure

In the dark, everyone looks the same. Darkness hides an abundance of body flaws and ugly sex faces. A sexually insecure woman will use the cover of darkness to comfort herself in the situation. To her, it is comforting to not have you see her body, her movements or her expressions. She is afraid she looks dumb or silly or worst of all – not sexy. No matter how hot she is to you, a sexually insecure woman will see an unglamorous frump when she looks at herself.

Defensiveness is a Subtle Sign of Sexually Insecure People

Does she always seem like she is on the defensive? At first it is charming, but now it seems argumentative. Every comment you make is turned into some perceived insult. It may seem like she’s going crazy but what is really happening is she is sexually insecure. CLICK HERE: 6 Sexual Insecurities All Women Have. She feels everything is a criticism because she feels so less than adequate. It would really help to let her know how hot you really think she is.

Bizarrely, Sexually Insecure Women are Controlling

It seems like a sexually insecure woman would be timid and demure. In actuality, women who are not secure in their sexuality can often be controlling and authoritarian. This is a tactic to keep things in the areas in which she does have confidence. If she can bully you into doing thing her way, there is less of a chance her weaknesses will be exposed.

Jealous Women are Usually Sexually Insecure

People who are jealous have a lot of issues. A little jealousy or envy is natural but some people take it too far. It is often subconscious but when people get really jealous, they do mean things to the object their jealousy. They lash out and become obstinate. A sexually insecure woman will be jealous of anyone she feels may be better in bed than she is. Read The Signs Of Your Woman Is The Jealous Type.

Constant Attention is a Must for the Sexually Insecure

When you don’t feel as though you are good enough at something you really want to be good at, you will seek out the approval of those close to you. Sexually insecure women are no different. The difference is they will need a constant stream of reassurance that they are desirable, sexy, a good lay and someone you want to keep around.

Sexually insecure women are not necessarily bad people. As a matter of fact, most are just regular gals who lack a bit experience and there is nothing wrong with that. It is when they take the symptoms of that insecurity too far and hurt their partners and others. Take it one step at a time and be the sexy experience she needs to lose that sexual insecurity