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On January 29, 2013
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Our #1 Favorite Site. SocialSex is by far the best hookup dating site out there! Highly Recommended!

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With each passing day the worldwide knowledge and acceptance of casual sex via an online hookup site grows. Sites like SocialSex swell with new members every minute, growing the user base from which you can find a sexual mate and have a mind blowing time between the sheets. The technology behind the sites gets increasingly more sophisticated, giving you better options for hooking up and making finding your way through the database easier. There are millions of men and women eager to meet and hook up at Social Sex and they’ve filled out fantastic profiles with pictures and info on their sexual desires. It’s fun simply browsing through the ladies and imagining the fun you’ll have so imagine the good times you’ll have when you start hooking up and building your little black book of babes to call on when you want to get laid.


The Five Point Review Of SocialSex

1) Real Vs Fake Members On Social Sex

One of the issues you’ll run into on any hook up site is fake profiles used to urge free members to join. Ultimately they’re running a business here and they need you to pay for your membership so they can make money. Unfortunately, they do that by setting up profiles that are a little too good to be true and sometimes have those profiles send you messages that you can’t read until you upgrade your profile. It’s a shame but ultimately it’s utterly harmless. They’re not scamming profiles because they’ll never ask you for money or respond to any of your messages. Plus, there are literally millions of women with paid memberships looking to hook up so you’d really have to screw it up not to get laid via Social Sex.
If you refer to the guide article on how to avoid scams on hook up sites you’ll be familiar with other sketchy profiles you might find on Social Sex. They do a pretty good job of culling those members when they receive complaints so they’re not a huge problem. Plus, if you read the article and control the sexual desperation that can overwhelm the male brain you should be able to avoid entirely such profiles. At the very least you won’t engage in lengthy back and forth discussions with someone you’ll never hook up with. The answer to the question: Does Socialsex Work at finding Hookups? is YES

2) Size of the Membership Base

Online hook ups are a numbers game by their very nature. You’re not looking for love so much as a person that really turns you on and is sexually compatible to ensure earth shaking orgasms for both of you. That means sending out a fair number of messages to lovely ladies you want to sleep with, which means you need lots of potential ladies. Given that SocialSex has millions of real members (not like some sites filled with fake profiles or dead profiles they’ve purchased from a third party) it’s easy to find someone to hook up with. It’s also worth noting that the ratio of men to women is excellent. Plus, when you consider that a shocking number of guys are utter Neanderthals when they contact the girls you’re not dealing with nearly as much competition as you might imagine (be sure to read the guide to learn how to contact women on hook up sites and give yourself a better chance of getting laid).

3) Site Design and Navigation Review

A great design is hugely important to the success of a sex dating site. It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful site in the world, it has to work well and ensure the process of searching and viewing profiles is easy and there are multiple options for getting in contact. The sign of a bad hook up site is it being plastered with ads in the member’s area, which is why it’s heartening that Social Sex is basically free of ads. They know that their members will stick around if they have a good experience and can get right to the hooking up.
The profile pages are among my favorite in the sex dating world. Their knack for presenting a fair amount of information in a succinct way is impressive. Plus, all that info makes it easier to target compatible ladies so you don’t waste time sending lots of messages. The information includes personal details about and what the girl is looking for in a partner. Some of it seems more tuned to a dating website but it’s still useful. They also offer a handy chart to compare where you’re compatible with the girl in basic areas.
Contact can be made via email or instant message. You can send a friend request as your relationship advances and if things get messy you can block them. Social Sex offers an area on each profile where you can leave a note that only you see. It’s helpful to note if you had a bad experience, if you had sex and it was great, etc. They also display your history with the member that details when you visited their profile, if you sent a message, etc. This is why my socialsex review is so positive


4) Does Social Sex Work At Finding Hookups?

All the elements for success are present at Social Sex. A well built site that provides quality men and women to hook up with has brought in a high volume of members, taking care of one of the most difficult parts of building a hook up site. An exceptional design lets you easily gather information on potential hook ups before sending a message. Contact is easy in a variety of ways from simple flirting to emails to instant messaging. If you follow the tips given in the guide you shouldn’t have any issues hooking up quickly and repeatedly, exploring your varying sexual desires with adventurous women. For this reason I can say with absolute certainty, the Hookup Site Social sex is legit!

5) Payment Details

Third party billing companies handle the credit card transactions for Social Sex so on your statement you’ll see one of four companies: EPOCH,,, or Webbilling. They seem to randomly choose one when you sign up and they’re all reputable companies with years in the business of handling credit cards. Your membership begins with a three day trial for $1 that you can cancel at any time. Should you choose to continue your membership, you’ll be charged just under $30 every 30 days. If you manage to hook up (and you will if you follow the guide we’ve laid out) it’s well worth it.

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