Step 8 – Date Time, Let the Hooking-Up Begin

You’ve gone through the process of building your profile and messaging girls. You’ve chatted up dozens of them and now you have a meeting set with one you met on (or any of our other recommended sites). If it goes well you should end the night in bed with her having incredible sex. The date can go terribly wrong though. She wants to have sex and you want to have sex but if you screw it up you’ll both end up masturbating (or she’ll just go home with another guy at the bar/lounge since girls can do that a lot easier than guys). Follow these steps and your chances of success go way up.

Dress the Part
This basic idea has been emphasized many times in the guide but it’s worth repeating because it’s of the utmost importance. Think about it from your perspective. If a girl shows up for a date in a tight, sexy dress you’re going to be more aroused and interested in her than if she shows up in a pair of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. You’d still be happy to sleep with her, of course, but you’d be a little less excited. Women are different from men, as you know, and if you show up looking slovenly she will lose all desire to sleep with you, no matter how charming you are in person. Just about everyone has a good outfit they can throw on. A suit is probably overkill but if she likes that kind of thing on a guy then go for it. Try to stay close to your personal style, but if you’re playing a character and that character wears a different kind of outfit then put it on and play the part. Make sure you look good!

Choose the Right Location
Remember that you’re not dating this girl. You just want to sleep with her and she wants to sleep with you (you’re not taking advantage of her or using her; this is a mutual exchange of orgasms, really). For that reason you’re not taking her out to dinner, so forget any fancy restaurants you might have in your plans. Dinner can mean overeating or a bad reaction to food. It can mean bad breath if you make a mistake and order something stuffed with garlic and that can put a serious crimp on your kissing plans. Instead, you should choose a quiet, darkly lit bar or lounge. Arrive after the typical dinner hours but try and get there before it gets really busy. Noise is bad for you in this case. If you can’t hear each other talk it will be exceptionally frustrating, particularly since you’re supposed to be setting the mood with flirtation. It’s best if you can find a place with couches or booths so you can sit next to each other. Physical contact is important for the date portion of the evening.

The Flow of the Evening
You don’t want to spend all that much time on the date. You should each order a drink. If you know what she wants then go ahead and order for her. As silly as it sounds don’t order something girly for yourself (a cosmo, for instance). It’s a turn off for some women. It’s good if you both have a little bit of a buzz since that tends to strip away inhibitions and expose pure desire. Hopefully that will be a desire to have sex in both your cases. Getting drunk is a terrible idea though. Drunk sex isn’t nearly as fun as people tend to think. It just seems that way because you’re drunk. In reality it’s sloppy and unexciting and sometimes your junk doesn’t work.

The conversation is an important part of your date. You shouldn’t be in the bar/lounge for more than an hour so you don’t have to do too much heavy lifting. You want to avoid getting too personal. That can seem invasive and it can bring up uncomfortable emotional stuff that can really get in the way of having sex (imagine her pouring her heart out about her abusive dad because you asked about her family; you’re not having sex if that happens). Sharing with each other will increase the intimacy and bond you feel but it should be far more innocuous things (some wild experience you had or a funny work disaster, etc). You should be flirting your ass off, too. Make sure to initiate simple physical contact as often as possible (a brush on the arm or leg, etc; no breast or ass groping) and if you see a chance to go in for a kiss then take it. Women absolutely love confident men and she’s in that bar/lounge with you because she wants to have sex so you can safely assume she wants to kiss you too.

Take it Home
Unless you’re a complete buffoon you should have a good sense of how things are going as you sip your drinks, chat, and flirt. Her body language will say plenty and you’ll likely recognize it (for instance, if she’s leaning away from you constantly that’s a bad sign). If things are going well you need to be the one to suggest you retire to a more private place. It’s generally bad form to come right out and say you should go back to your place to have sex. That can make the girl feel a little too much like a whore. Instead, find a way to invite her back to your place for some other and totally transparent reason. Maybe you just bought a great bottle of wine you want to open for her or you have a great new album to show her or amazing vacation pictures. It really doesn’t matter since you both know what you’re asking about. Sometimes it will work to ask her back for sex but you’ll have far greater luck if you’re a little more subtle so there’s no reason not to play it that way. If she says yes your work is done. At that point all you have to do is have great sex.