Things Not To Say On The First Date With Your Sex Buddy

Things not to say on the first date with Your Sex BuddyWhen you have finally found that girl you know is down and you’ve actually set that first play date, you don’t want anything to ruin it. You both know what you want and it’s been a while since you have found someone with the same agenda. It’s exciting and gratifying. You want to say everything right and make sure the evening goes well so there are many more just like it. With that being said, keep in mind the following topics NOT to discuss with your sex buddy.

Don’t discuss weight with your sex buddy

It doesn’t matter if your trying to compliment her or if your trying to gently tell her she’s too heavy to sit on your lap. Whatever the reason, say it in another way besides mentioning her weight. Don’t tell her she is thin. Do not tell her she’s average or heavy and you enjoy that type. Do not say any of that. Weight and her lack of or abundance of have no place in first date topics of conversation. Not even for sex buddies.

Don’t discuss age with your sex buddy

If you have to ask what her age is you shouldn’t be looking for a sex buddy. Having a sex buddy is all about attraction. If you both feel an attraction to each other, (Signs she is attracted to you) that is all that matters. In fact, that’s the whole point. You don’t have to have the same religious beliefs nor do you need the same financial philosophies. Just a simple attraction to each other and a desire to spend some time together.

Don’t discuss previous partners with your Sex buddy

Do not ask how many men she has been with. Not even if it turns you on to be with a woman with a thousand other guys under her belt. It is just too early to know how she will take such a personal question and you don’t want to mess things up before they have even began. In the same refrain, do not discuss your own personal conquests of the past with her. Women do not enjoy being compared or contrasted to any previous partner or friend.

Don’t discuss makeup, cosmetics or Lack thereof with your sex buddy

Women look at makeup in a far different way than men do. To women it is an art form. It isn’t paint or a cover up but a way to make a beautiful canvas even more beautiful. The various techniques and blending methods used in applications can take years to learn in beauty schools and colleges. Men can take this gleaned knowledge wrong. They can assume there is something terrible hidden underneath the makeup when in fact, they often enjoy the non-made-up face just as much. Whatever your take on makeup is, the first date with your sex buddy is not the time to discuss it.

Don’t discuss kids & family with your sex buddy

Of course this topic will have to come up eventually. Even in sex buddy relationships children and family situations must be discussed, if for other reason than to make sure no one’s toes get stepped on or special dates get overlooked. The best way to address this situation is to wait for her to bring it up. When she’s ready to talk about her family she will make sure you know it.

Don’t discuss religion with your sex buddy

If we’ve all learned on thing as we’ve grown older, it is that we don’t talk about religion on the first date or while drinking alcohol. Both of which you will be doing on the night of your first sex buddy date. The best course of action is to not discuss religion ever. Not tonight, not a few days, weeks or months down the road. Not ever. That isn’t always possible, but if you are just in it for a sex buddy relationship then maybe it won’t be a problem.

Don’t discuss politics with your sex buddy

Just like the topic above, this one really should never be discussed. Even if you’re on the same page, it isn’t a topic that can be discussed lightly. Sex buddy relationships are about fun. They are about sex and excitement and the exclusion of boredom and loneliness. What they aren’t about is political drama, opinions and unnecessary arguments.

Don’t Discuss touchy current affairs with your sex buddy

There is always something going on in the world that enrages us. Every day something happens somewhere that makes us wonder about the state of affairs. We all feel a little lost sometimes and little unsure if we are going in the right direction. Talking about touchy current affairs is sure to put a damper on the evening, even if it’s something you agree about.

The general rule of thumb here is to make sure you talk to your sex buddy the same way you would anyone else on a first date. In fact, she is offering to help you out no strings attached and all she asks is the same in return. That alone deserves your respect and admiration.