Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word

ways-to-flirt-without-saying-a-wordFlirting is so much more than a few cute come-on lines. There are as many ways to flirt as there are people in the world. Each one of us does it in our own way which gives it a little different twist depending on who its coming from. Some men flirt with humor. Go HERE to learn how to flirt with humor. Others flirt with intellect and others still with emotion. While there is no right or wrong way to flirt, some men are definitely better at it than others. In fact, some men (and women) are so good at it, they can flirt without saying a word.

Ways to Flirt with Your Attire

It may sound crazy but you can flirt with your clothes. If your wearing something that fits you well and matches your skin and eye colors well, you are flirting. You do not have to speak. You must only walk into a room with your best duds on and own it. The fact that you look so good will give you a self-confidence boost that will be noticeable. Women love a man who dresses well and feels confident in his attire. It’s a turn-on to see a confident man who doesn’t mind attention.

Ways to Flirt with Your Body

While wearing an awesome new outfit can be one of the ways to flirt, so can taking it off. This technique works incredibly well for guys with muscles and a toned body. Taking off your shirt at the beach BBQ can show a woman you’re interested in her and you want her to notice you. Once you have it off you can flirt even further by flexing your muscles a bit and making sure that she sees you. Make eye contact and smile your brightest smile. Let her know the show your putting on is for her and shell notice you even more.

Ways to Flirt with Your Eyes

Casting significant looks across the room to the object of your desire is an age-old way to flirt without saying a word. Learn how to flirt with your eyes. Making eye contact and throwing her a sexy look can do more than a whole love song. There is something about smoldering silence that drives a woman wild. She wants to know what you’re thinking. The silence and meaningful glances are like candy to a baby. Catch her eye from across the room and lock in the glance for a few beats. Look away. When you look back, look into her eyes first and then quickly take in her whole being. Cast your eyes to hers once last quick second before you look away again. Show her you’re interested in her and impressed with what you see with the look in your eye.

Ways to Flirt at the Bar

A bar is full of ways to flirt without talking at all. It is often a loud environment where conversation isn’t easy. Use that to your advantage and flirt in other ways. Dancing is a great way to flirt. Making eye contact while dancing is a big turn on for women. It shows a lot of confidence and self-assurance which is another trait women enjoy. You can also flirt by buying her a cocktail. Click Here for 8 cocktails women love. It is a social way to flirt that is also fun. She will appreciate the gesture and realize what you’re doing immediately.

Ways to Flirt with Your Body

Another way to flirt is to use your body language. Experts say making eye contact with someone for 3 seconds indicates an interest. Lean into her when you’re looking at her and touch her arm in the faintest way. These small seductive moves show her your interest and intent with a word spoken. You can also put your arm around her for added effect. It doesn’t have to be tight or constricting. Just barely place it around her until she settles herself into your arm.

There are myriad ways to flirt with ever saying a single word. It’s all in the eyes and body language. Having great timing is another big help. It helps to have a sense of when to glance away and when to hold the look. When to lean in and when to graze her arm. The key is to let it happen naturally and easily. Follow you instincts and you’ll soon find yourself with a date.