What George Michael Taught Us About Hooking Up

George Michael, one of the many celebrities we lost in 2016, was one of the most controversial music stars of all time. Not just in America, but across the world. His life was a melee of secrets in a very public environment. There isn’t anyone who was alive during the 1980’s that doesn’t remember George Michael in Wham! With Andrew Ridgely. The pair hit the American airwaves by storm and had teens everywhere singing songs like Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Their song, Careless Whisper (See Video) was a worldwide success and is still well known today. Just teenagers when the band started to earn a bit of success, they came to stand for living a carefree life and striving only to enjoy yourself each and every day. This reputation followed them throughout their career and into their personal lives.

George Michael Never Shied Away From Sexuality

After going solo, Michael was even more notorious for doing his own thing sexually. I Want Your Sex was the song everyone knew the words too. (Click Here to read the history I Want Your Sex) behind He minced no words, nor played any games. He said exactly what he meant. Bisexualism and homosexuality was nothing new in the 80’s but it was nowhere near as accepted and mainstream as it is in today’s world. Like many pop stars of the era, he hid his homosexuality until it was discovered by the press. Strangely no one cared, or was that surprised. Despite the lack of opposition from his fans, Michael embarked on a series of highly self-sabotaging behavior. He came out of the closet in 1998, the same year he was found by an undercover cop committing a lewd sexual act in a Beverly Hills men’s room. He paid $500 bail and was released three hours later. He was 34 years old at the time.

George Michael Helped Shape Our Thoughts On Homosexuality

What people fail to realize is that these acts and others like them, helped to shape and mold todays adults and their thoughts on homosexuality. Without George Michael and his 80’s antics, the American culture of homosexuality would not have evolved quite so easily. We may not have legal gay marriage or any of the more open mindsets that led to it. George Michael taught us all that we should take our hookup anywhere and any way that pleases us. We should never let society govern our very sexuality, something so very personal. Our sexuality is a large part of who we are and we have a right to be proud of it, regardless of what it is.

George Michael Lived Life On His Own Terms

People of both genders, watched George Michael live life on his own terms. He slowly became the unapologetic hero of many gays across the planet. Not only gay people found inspiration in his music and life experiences. People of every sexual orientation grew to understand his message as one of acceptance and learned how to apply it in the world of the hookup. Gloriously, after his arrest he wrote a tongue in cheek about the excitement of having sex outside since he was caught in a public park lavatory. The video for the song “Outside” features himself dressed as a cop and a restroom that turns into a disco. What better way to live through such a debacle and make it a learning experience?

Just when we thought he couldn’t be any ore sexually brazen, he was caught in the bushes with a man in London in 2006. Just two short years later, in the same London park, he was again cited for cruising and obtaining drugs. When press questioned him about it he was unapologetic. He just didn’t give a damn. In fact, he encouraged others to do the same. He was 45 years old at the time and didn’t have to two fucks to give.

Everything we ever wanted to know about hookups we learned from George Michael from the 80’s to the new millennium. This fact, along with the incredibly heart-felt and symbolic songs, are the reason the whole world mourned when he was found dead at the end of 2016. No words can ever say the depth of the lessons he taught us on hooking up and being true to ourselves, unless it is those of Careless Whisper.