When Are You Too Old for Casual Hookups?

Traditionally, people expect life to go in a fairly predictable way. Childhood and young adulthood lead to a period of schooling, dating and finding yourself. This includes finding a person to spend your life with. Many people assume a divorce or two may come their way, despite hoping for the best. Eventually, however, we all assume we will end somewhere, with someone, even if it is a bunch of cats in our parent’s spare room. What we don’t even consider, I that we could be single and date forever. How weird would that be? To some people, it isn’t weird at all. A lot of people have come to the conclusion that it isn’t at all weird in their particular situation and in fact, it is quite normal.

What is a Casual Hookup Anyway?

A casual hookup is just what you would think it is. Great Article: How Women View Casual Hookups. People call casual sex a “hookup”. A hookup can also be of a more serious nature. As in, “I think Bob and I are finally going to hook up for the long haul”. More people use it to references a short-lived love affair or even a one night stand or some sort of casual sex relationship. For many people, this type of relationship works out best for a busy schedule and constantly moving life. For others, it is a more emotional choice as they feel unhappy in long-term, serious relationships.

Casual Hookups Never Go Out of Style

The truth is, some people are not made for monogamy. There are people who try to have successful relationships their whole lives but never seem to be able to so it. They spend their whole lives feeling something is wrong with them. They never stop to realize that there is more to life for some people. The thought of being with one person only year after year is disheartening to some folks. It just does not hold the allure it does for others. These people crave a freer lifestyle in everything from their breakfast cereal to their dating life. Casual hook ups are like a slice of heaven for these folks.

So, When Does This New Casual Hookup Realization Hit?

This realization that you are happier with plain old casual hookups can happen at any time in your life. It can happen in your youth, middle age or in your golden years. The great part of all of it is that no matter when it happens, there is someone at your same age that is feeling it too. Even if you don’t find someone your own age to carouse with, there are plenty of folks of other ages who don’t mind dipping into another age pool. (Dating Outside Of Your Age Pool) There is a whole subculture of women who prefer older men. The gentlemanly qualities and the confidence of an older man is hard to resist. Literally, any time in your life is the perfect time to realize you just aren’t cut out for monogamy.

Does the Casual Hookup Urge Stop?

If living a casual hookup lifestyle is something that truly makes you happy, it may never stop. Enjoying your own company is often something that sticks with a person. Others eventually feel the pinch of loneliness and begin to desire the company of someone special. The desire depends on each person’s own needs and personality. What’s inside will determine if the desire for casual hookups will ever leave.

The bare facts are that you are never too old for casual hookups. If that is the way you feel most comfortable and joyous, you are entitled to live that way. Seek out those women who think like you and spend your time with likeminded people. Strive to impart the knowledge you have gleaned with others on the same path. Being someone who prefers casual hook ups doesn’t mean you are a bad guy. In fact, it gives you a better opportunity to share the knowledge with more people. Help others to find the courage in themselves to lead the life they really want. Leading by example can help you enjoy your life even more.