Why Open Relationships are so Common with Millennials

Millennials have a unique perspective on a lot of things. Millennials, those who reached adulthood during the early 2000’s, have grown up in a time that has shaped their ideas on relationships. Gone were the stereotypes that other generations fed. Millennials determined their sexual relationships on their own, leaving their parents preconceived notions behind. A prevailing factor among this generation is that human beings were not made to be monogamous. They point to scientific evidence that suggests monogamy is not a natural occurrence among humans but a forced ideal.

Open Relationships are Not Natural

Dr. Christopher Ryan wrote in his book Sex at Dawn (2010), that humans evolved to be sexually promiscuous. VIDEO: Watch his TED Talk. He states that early humans lived in small villages. The idea of promiscuity there was not to have random strings of one-night-stands with strangers, but to have meaningful sexual relationships with more than one person at a time. His research indicates that monogamy is not natural but instead a cultural intervention in the natural human evolution process. Ryan suggests the entire process began when agriculture started. Hunter-gatherer societies shared love and sex like food. Once farming became part of life, the idea of private property became a reality and women became more of a possession than a part of the society. Millennials believe in living with a more open relationship lifestyle to feed the inner soul and revert back to the magic of our ancestors. They believe it explains why so many people become unhappy in long term relationships.

Open Relationships are the Answer to the Fairytale of Monogamy

Millennials believe that the happy marriage is a story like Snow White or Cinderella. While it is true that some couples seem meant to be and enjoy their monogamy for decades, the large majority of people find monogamy hard and no fun. Not to mention depressing. To them, the entire situation is a giant farce. Settling down with one person for the rest of your life seems like a death sentence. Only once in a blue moon does it turn out good for everyone involved. For the most part, it is one great big fairytale we feed our children.

Open Relationships Work Better

One thing that we have all noticed is that marriages do not work. It is no secret. It is the subject of many comedy sketches, movies, books and television shows. True crime shows give us blow by blow reports of all the spouses gone mad who’ve killed each other or their romantic rivals. Schools are filled with kids of single parent homes and no one seems to think much of it. This has not gone unnoticed by millennials who have grown up in these fragmented homes. They have seen first-hand how marriages turn out and it has left a mark. It hasn’t gone unnoticed either, how easy open relationships are. Attraction rules these relationships and as soon as it becomes less than fun, its ok to bail. That beats the heck out of living with someone for an eternity and hating them by the 10-year mark.

Open Relationships are the New Monogamy

Millennials have figured out that marriage doesn’t work, but they also know that there is real comfort in intimacy. Not sex, but intimacy. Bonding the two seems weird but many people are doing it by living with a significant other but using designated nights to seek out sex with other people. It could be one-night-stands or just another person living the polyamorous lifestyle. Having a long-term relationship and the advantages that go along with it are important. Millennials in open relationships have decided they do not have to choose between happiness and lasting love. They can have them both.

Open relationships are so popular with millennials because they offer a solution to an age-old problem. When the monotony of monogamy sets in, they quench the urge for new sex without decimating an otherwise great relationship. Other generations were mired in traditional values during their formative years and are much more reticent to believe open relationships can be beneficial. There is still hope for other generations to partake in this revolution. The only prerequisite is an open mind and a desire for happiness.