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On January 29, 2013
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The second ranked Site On Our List. Xpress is a new entrant, and it's a GREAT casual dating site. Its raising up the charts with a bullet!

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Xpress touts itself as having been rated the internet’s #1 casual dating site, a claim that’s easy to believe once you’ve been inside as a paying member and used the excellent search function, perused the well done profiles, and successfully met a girl for a hook up. It’s not a perfect site but it’s near the top of the list and gives you a great chance at getting laid should you play your cards right (read the guide and you’ll learn everything you need to know to hook up). They make it easy to get over your insecurities and get into messaging pretty girls and hooking up. Take your time with it and feel free to explore, experiment, and get friendly with the girls that you find most attractive. There are certainly a lot of women to choose from.


The Five Point Review Of Xpress Dating

1) Real Vs Fake Members

For the most part Xpress dating does a good job of canceling the memberships of the genuinely scamming members. As long as a member reports a scam and or they discover what’s going on they’ll get rid of that profile. You’ll still be subjected to messages from girls looking for travel money or escorts trying to lure you in before they tell you they charge money, but that’s fairly minimal. Unlike most hook up sites they ask if you’re an escort in your profile.

You’ll still have to deal with the profiles that are fake but not scamming. These are put in largely to get you to join because you want to message this girl that seems perfect. They’re generally put in by Xpress (there’s information about these profiles in the terms and conditions where they essentially say they’re supposed to be models of how the site works, not a way to scam you into paying for a membership) and they’re annoying because they do tend to be perfect and they get your hopes up. To avoid those profiles you should read our guide. Also know that after just a week or two on the site you’ll be able to spot the bogus profiles. Despite the bogus profiles, the answer to the question: Does Xpres dating Work at finding Hookups? is YES!

2) Size of the Membership Base On Xpress Dating

Xpress is home to more than 40 million members. That’s a big number and it’s why there are tens of thousands of women in any city you search. It’s among the best reasons to join Xpress. It’s also what makes it much easier to hook up. The male to female ratio is strong so you won’t be bombarded with competition, although the hottest women in the listings will be bombarded with messages (quick tip: target your search to the slightly less attractive girls and you’re more likely to get laid). They claim more than 20,000 new members a day and the growth of the base gives us every reason to believe that’s true. If so, good for them for building an incredible business and good for the rest of the members since more fresh members means more guys and girls to try and hook up with.

3) Site Design and Navigation Review

It’s in the profiles that design and functional of Xpress really shines. Some casual sex sites miss the mark with the presentation of profile information and some just don’t ask for enough information, leaving you with little to go on besides a picture of the girl (that often feels like enough, but it’s so much easier to have a successful hook up and waste as little time as possible if you know more about the girl). Xpress provides plenty of information by asking you to answer simple questions with a click of your mouse that provide a wealth of information so you can get to know her before you message her. To make a skilled hook up artist’s job easier you can make notes on each profile page that only you will see. If you messaged a girl and she was horrible then leave a little note. If she was great in bed then leave a note, etc. They keep track of your profile visitation and message history with each profile too and both tools are fantastic for making the hook up process more efficient. This is why my Xpress Dating review is so positive

Outside of the profile pages Xpress is well designed and easy to use. Along the top of any page is a slender navigation bar that lets you jump to any section of the sex dating site. Outside of the sex dating action they have an XXX theater with streaming video, dating advice, erotic stories, info on swinger clubs, a virtual sex world where you control an avatar, and a message boards among other options.

4) Does Xpress Dating Work At Finding Hookups?

With more than 40 million men and women to flirt and hook up with there’s an excellent chance you’ll be successful at Xpress. Getting laid is never as easy as these sites would have you believe but it’s actually pretty simple if you follow the directions given in our guide and do the groundwork required. As with anything, you tend to get results that are commensurate with the effort you put in. Those issues are present with every sex dating site but Xpress stands out and merits inclusion in our recommended sites because it gives you the best chance of hooking up. They’re confident enough that they offer a 100 day hook up guarantee, although they just give you extra membership days free of charge so it’s not particularly helpful (if you can’t get laid in 100 days then another 100 days probably isn’t going to help). For this reason I can say with absolute certainty, the Hookup Site Xpress is legit!

5) Payment Details

The first three days of your membership to Xpress cost $1. At that point your membership automatically renews at $29.95 for 30 days (you’re welcome to cancel at any time). The renewals continue every 30 days and chances are good you’ll feel like it’s well worth it. Billing is done via one of four credit card processors, each of which is a professional, well-respected company so there will be no shenanigans.

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