XXXBlackBook Review

xxxBlackBookAt first glance XXXBlackBook seems to have everything you need in a sex dating site. Their tagline Adults at Play is terrific and succinctly communicates what they want you to think about when you join the site. The design is good too, making clear what’s available and presenting the information in the profiles clearly and concisely. The member’s area is largely free of annoying advertisements since they clearly understand that they make the most money when their members are happy. There are problems though.

The biggest problem and, in reality, the only one that matters, is the astounding number of fake and scamming profiles. A quick look through the listings reveals loads of pictures featuring girls in porn and supermodel quality hotties. Look deeper and with a trained eye and you’ll see that XXX Black Book appears to have more fake profiles than it has real. How does something like that happen? It’s hard to say if you’re not on the other end of the site, but often the cheaply done sex dating sites will purchase a huge block of profiles from a third party to populate their site. Those profiles are always fake or haven’t been active in years. The point is to fill the site and make it seem like there are lots of ladies for you to message. Plus, sites like this that are a little scammy tend to make fake profiles that look really hot to desperate guys. The chicks are gorgeous, they say all the right things in the profile area, etc. Those girls are never real though and you end up messaging endlessly with no response, leaving you bitterly disappointed that you wasted your money.

Imagine your disappointment if you bought a one year membership to XXX Black Book for $119.95. That’s a good deal if they’re actually helping you hook up but a terrible deal if you paid $120 for what amounts to more fake profiles that real ones and a skewed male to female ratio that makes it really hard to stand out from the crowd when you manage to find a real girl. You’ll get three months free membership if you don’t get laid within three months, a useless offer that makes the site seem better than it is (if you’re not getting laid than more months of membership aren’t going to help, sadly).

There’s a healthy collection of amateur porn available at XXX Black Book that gives a membership some value. Most of the videos are webcam shows, which makes the idea that they were all uploaded by members seem like a lie. Instead they likely purchased the webcam show archives from a cam site. You’ll also find hardcore fucking in the mix, although it’s far rarer. Ultimately the porn doesn’t make a membership worth it absent the ability to hook up, especially since a tube site has way more porn available.

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