Step 2 – How To Create A Winning Casual Dating Profile

Proven Techniques’ to get you laid
If you want to get laid on a site like you need an excellent profile. Remember that there are more men than women on these sites so you need to stand out from the crowd. Also remember that it’s pretty simple to do so since most guys on hook up sites are buffoons and come across as pigs (that’s not attractive to a lady, in case you were wondering).

I can’t tell you exactly what to write since it needs to be built around who you are (or who you could be if a few things were different) but I will give you the tips that should get you laid as long as you put them to use skillfully. First we’ll cover the basics.

The Basics – What You Should Know When Creating Your Casual Dating Profile
Your insecurities might lead you to believe that you need a six pack abs, a chiseled jaw, and 4% body fat to hook up with a pretty girl, but you’d be wrong. Men are almost entirely visual creatures but women are more forgiving. They want you to look good, but you don’t need to be a supermodel to get laid. However, you do need to make an effort. If you put up a picture where you’re sporting a neck beard, wearing an ill-fitting Star Wars t-shirt, and sucking Cheetos dust off your fingers there is no chance you’ll get laid or even hear back from a girl. Hooking up on a site like Social Sex is not all that different from real world dating in that you need to make a little effort to get it together. If you can’t do that then you’re living in a fantasy world if you think you’re getting laid in any situation outside of paying a professional. Make sure your picture looks decent.

Despite the impressions of some guys, the girls that use sex or casual dating sites to hook up are not whores and sluts. Are you a whore or a slut? No, you’re just a guy feeling horny and looking to get laid and so are the girls. They’re also girls, which means filling your profile with filth about all the nasty things you’d do to a girl is more likely to turn her off than anything else. You shouldn’t be a groveling, weak nerd boy either. Instead, you should be a confident gentleman. Imagine Don Draper when he’s at his most charming and you’ll get the idea of what you should be shooting for.

The Profile – Create A Winning Profile To Attract Vulnerable Woman
The goal with your profile is to present the best possible version of yourself. Remember that you’re not looking for a long term relationship; you just want to hookup, find sex, and so does she. She’s likely going to lie a little about herself (you might find her a little heavier than her picture would have indicated, for instance) so feel free to fib a bit about yourself. In fact, feel free to create a character you can play when you’re in the world of online hook ups. It will instill in you a sense of confidence that will prove invaluable (more on that a little later).

It’s important to stick close enough to your own life that you won’t be caught in a life. If you work as a mail clerk don’t tell her you’re the CEO because your lie will be painfully obvious the first time she meets you. If you can’t dress or act the part that you’ve created for yourself you need to dial it back a little. It’s best to take the details of your life and inflate them a little. It’s great to have fun with it too since that’s when the confidence will come in.

Confidence is hands down the sexiest thing in a person. Women are clearer about it when asked but it’s the same for guys (so many of the things guys list are directly related to confidence). That means you need to project confidence in your profile. That’s easier said than done, of course. If you’re not a naturally confident man it can be hard to mimic, which is why you’re better off creating a character. Give him a name and give him a life like yours, only better and more impressive. Inhabit the character and you will become him. In fact, one of the best things about successfully sex dating is that the confidence you find will spill into your real life and make all of it better.

Projecting Confidence – Sure Fire Way To Find Sex
It’s easiest to project confidence in person but it can be done in your sex dating profile. Passion often translates as confidence. Here are a few examples for the interests section of a profile (remember that your profile should feature elements of your real life so you’re not just making stuff up):

I never feel more alive than when I’m flying down a snowy mountain on my snowboard or racing through the woods on my mountain bike. I’d love to take you some time.
√¨There’s nothing hotter than a girl that’s ready for adventure. My favorite thing is trying something new, whatever it might be. Let’s try something new together.
ìOutdoors activities are my favorite. The fresh air, the rush of physical movement, and the connection with people and nature are amazing.

Don’t just list what you’re interested in. Make it sound like you’re genuinely passionate about your interests and how they make your life better. Make the girl want to be a part of that life, even if it is just for a night spent getting horizontal under the sheets. In the description section of your profile you need to keep it simple, straightforward, and interesting. A boring recitation of what you’re about is no good. Here are a few sample sentences to give you an idea of what to shoot for:

The road less traveled is always my favorite path to take and I find a girl that’s always felt a little different than most to be the most exciting thing in the world (this one is effective because most girls feel like they’re a little different and want to be loved for it).
Great sex means we’re connected on a deeper level, experiencing the emotional highs with the physical pleasures. I want great sex with you and I hope when we’re done with the first round we both want round two.

Good luck with your profile and remember that confidence and passion are your best friends in this endeavor.

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