Step 4 – Bullet Proof Strategy, Use Multiple Hook-up Sites

The goal of joining a casual sex dating site is to find sex. That goal is a lot easier when you join multiple sites. That might seem like quite an expense, but when you do the math it’s an amazing bargain. Just think of the money you’ve spent at bars and clubs. You pay a cover charge and buy drinks for you and the ladies you want to sleep with all night long and there’s a good chance you go home alone most nights. Even if you end up with a girl it cost a fortune. If you never go out then you’re never getting laid anyway (or you’re paying a pro for sex) so it’s time to pull out the wallet and change your life for the better.

Most hookup sites offer discounts if you sign up for multiple months. Some discount the monthly price to $10, although you need to pay up front so it can feel like a big investment. The cost to benefit ratio is exceptionally high though. Sign up for two sites and you’re paying $20/month and you’re guaranteed to get laid (if you sign up for two sites at once you’re definitely getting laid).


Data mining shows that women rarely sign up for two casual dating sites. That’s likely because they have a much easier time getting laid than guys do (that’s a sad fact of life, really, but it’s particularly true since sex dating sites always have more men than women). That means when you sign up for two or three sites at once you can triple the number of women available to you. The world of sex dating is a numbers game and you need to accept that reality. The more aggressive you are with joining sites the better chance you have of getting laid regularly, period.

Before you decide on which sites to join take a little time to decide what you’re looking for in your casual dating experience. Do you want to get laid once a month, once a week, daily? Do you want it to be as easy as possible? Are you willing to spend a little money to achieve that? The more sex you want to have the more women you’ll need available to you. If you find that one site is delivering more than the others you can always cancel your membership and keep the good one around.

We recommend four Casual Dating sites:

Adult Friend Finder
Sex Finder

Choose as you will among them and be sure to read the reviews of each to get an idea of what they offer. Any decision you make is the right one, but know that should you decide to join multiple sites you’ll have much greater luck getting laid and it will happen more frequently. If it’s lots of sex you seek then you’ll find it via membership to multiple sites.

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