Step 5 – Learn How To Avoid Scammers

How to Spot A Fake Female Profile
Even if you stick to the four sites we’ve reviewed and recommended as the best in the business you’ll run into fake and scamming profiles. The sites don’t have the manpower or the will to peruse their listings for obvious fakes so they rely on you to report them. Even then they don’t always get removed so your best bet is to learn how to spot the fakes so they can be avoided entirely. With a little practice it gets easy and the tips you read here will make it even easier.


Basic Tips for Avoiding a Scam On Casual Dating & Hookup Sites

There’s really only one tip and that is to trust your brain, not your penis. If you take a rational look at these scams they’re utterly ridiculous. If you’re not looking at a gorgeous picture of a girl and wishing so badly that she was real then you see that the scams are insane and you can’t help but think that any guy that falls for them is pathetic. Do you want to be that pathetic guy? That’s why you need to separate the beauty of the girl in the profile from the text or from the message she sent you. Forget about how good looking she is and consider if what she’s saying makes any sense at all. As we go through the potential scams it will make more sense.

Most Common Hookup & Casual Dating Site Scams To Avoid

– Innocuous Fakes Launched by the Hookup Site
Every hook up site gooses the quality of the listings a bit by creating fake profiles of seemingly unattainable women so you’ll join to message them. They want to create the impression that the site is full of super hot chicks in the hope that you’ll join and be okay with hooking up with average to hot chicks (the super hotties don’t join these sites). Some do it to such an egregious degree that you can’t use their listings since so many of the profiles are fake. Others push the fake profiles to the top when you’re a free member and minimize them once you’ve paid. Still others just drop them in here and there so their listings seem sexier and you can live on hope.

The most common type of fake profile is that of the genuinely flawless woman. This is done almost entirely through pictures and features just a bit of profile text. On the sloppy sites the pictures are of actual pornstars, centerfold, solo babes, models, etc. On the better sites they’re just really hot looking amateur pics that have been lifted from any number of amateur sites. The girl is almost always a 10 on the hotness scale and while she looks great and you will want to fuck her you need to recognize that women of that caliber do not join sex dating sites because they can hook up whenever they want. Women in the 8-9 range certainly join, although 6-8 is far more common and there are plenty of ugly girls and BBWs (they are delightful in bed, by the way).

You’ll also find fake profiles that feature a good looking girl but not a pornstar type. These are generally easy to spot because the text reads like a fantasy. It’s always well-written and it’s meant to click with the guy that has that particular fantasy (a girl that really likes having her toes sucked or a girl that likes dominating guys, for instance).

– Escort Scammers
Sometimes the escorts are up front about it, letting you know they charge for their services but they’ll be jaw dropping in bed so it’s worth it (and sometimes it is). The scammy version of that profile happens when the escort is not at all honest about it but instead tries to rope you into paying before you meet or after you’ve met and are beyond horny for her. These profiles are a little tougher to spot but with practice it can be done. The biggest red flag is that everything she talks about relates to you. She wants to give you head, stroke your dick, let you screw her in any position you want, etc. She doesn’t ever mention her pleasure or orgasm. She doesn’t talk about what she wants. Those girls don’t exist in the real world and they shouldn’t. That’s the realm of an escort.

– Travel Money Scammers
This is the costliest of the scams and the one that feels worst to be caught in. It’s impossible to be duped by this scam and not feel like an absolute idiot. It’s fairly simple and it’s really difficult to spot it in the profile. It all happens in the messages and perhaps phone calls. The girl can be foreign or American and she will sell you a bill of goods about how she really wants to see you but she just can’t afford the plane ticket, hotel, etc. The foreign version can be a little different and more insidious. She can paint a picture of how her country is terrible and her life is difficult and she just wants to come to America to be with you as long as you can pay for it. The foreign girls get very expensive. This scam only works on the most vulnerable, gullible of guys but there are plenty of them out there so it tends to work with surprising frequency. Now that you know about it you should never fall for it.

– Blackmail Scammers
This one is exceptionally rare but you should be wary because it can be hugely damaging. It typically involves a guy posing as a girl or a guy/girl team putting up a profile and trolling for cheating husbands. The blackmail only works if they get enough personal information to identify you and get evidence that you want to cheat. Beware of anyone asking for your full name, home telephone number, etc. You should never have to give out any real info to make a hook up work so anyone that wants it should be ignored. If you should meet someone for a hook up it’s wise to protect your ID from easy access (hotel safe, leave it in your glove compartment, etc).

There is no site free of hook up scammers. They go where the marks are. It’s up to you to be vigilant and know the signs so you can avoid them. With a little education and a strong sense of self protection it shouldn’t be hard.

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