Step 6 – Get Laid Fast, Spotting Vulnerable Woman

One of the easiest ways to get laid fast is to hookup with a vulnerable woman, with vulnerable meaning particularly eager to have sex for a variety of reasons. It’s all very psychological, but you don’t have to be an expert in the field or have years of experience to know what to look for or how to chat with a girl to find out if she’s ready to jump into bed with you immediately. There are a handful of vulnerable woman archetypes we’ll talk about, so let’s get to it.

The Low Self-Esteem Girl
If you come at it from the wrong perspective it can seem gross and a touch misogynistic to hook up with the low self-esteem girl. That’s pure silliness though. In reality, you’re giving her what she wants. The perfect gift would be to give her a decade of therapy but you don’t possess that power and if she was really interested in that she’d be doing it. Instead, the low self-esteem girl uses sex to make herself feel better. It’s not really the sex, of course. The sex feels good and so do the orgasms she has via a man inside her, but it’s being desired by a man for sex that really makes her feel good. Modern society places a huge emphasis on being sexually desirable and low self-esteem girls thereby believe that a man wanting to have sex with them means they’re valuable, and they’re right. It doesn’t have to be a tawdry, manipulative, abusive thing. It’s a girl wanting to have sex so she feels better about herself and you wanting to have sex because it feels fantastic.

So how do you spot a girl like that? Sometimes you can tell from her physical appearance, but that generally means you’ll be sleeping with a less attractive girl. Fat girls on sex dating sites almost always possess low self-esteem (sorry to be painting with such a broad brush but it’s true a majority of the time and the same is true of fat guys). BBWs tend to be astoundingly good sexual partners so if you’ve never slept with one you should give it a shot. If she’s not giving off obvious physical signs you should peruse her profile text. Does she mention being disappointed by relationships a lot? Those girls typically had fathers that disappointed them too and now they’re turning to sex because they want to feel good and you can give them that. If there’s nothing in the profile text then be blunt in conversation and ask how her relationships have been. Most often the low self-esteem girls end up with jerks that reinforce their poor sense of self worth. It’s a bad cycle but you can interrupt it by being a good guy that has great sex with the girl and makes her feel good about herself for a change.

The Sexually Unsatisfied Girl
It’s no secret that men and women alike use hookup sites to cheat. Many do the math and decide that they like every element of their relationship outside of the sex. They figure that if they can be sexually satisfied somewhere else then they can preserve all that’s great about the relationship. This reasoning is even more common with married women that don’t want to break up the family but need to get laid and have good sex for the first time in a long time. That information is often present in the profile and if you find a married woman looking to cheat you should jump on that. The sex is even better than with the low self-esteem girls. Most people are honest about their marital status but you can ask too. You can also be blunt again and ask if she’s sexually satisfied. If not you should get in there and give her that satisfaction. Her gratefulness will be repaid in sexual pleasure for you.

The Revenge Sex Girl
A guy cheats. His girlfriend or wife finds out. She decides that cheating on him is the best way to resolve the incredible anger she feels. She has revenge sex with you. It happens every day and it can happen to you if you’re in the right place at the right time. It’s hard to look for this kind of thing since it tends to be so short-lived but if you find a profile where she mentions getting screwed over by her boyfriend and wanting to have some fun you can assume she’s looking for revenge sex. These girls are way more common on a hook up site than in the real world so you’ll find one if you keep looking. It’s worth mentioning that this kind of thing can end badly. You’re stepping into a hugely chaotic situation and becoming a catalyst of sorts. If the guy has a temper problem and it really pisses him off that she cheated with you then he might take his anger out on you. You don’t want that.

The Sowing Her Wild Oats Girl
Sowing wild oats is usually something guys are told to do before they get married. Have some fun! Screw around! Sleep with lots of girls! Get it out of your system! It’s a tad sexist to assume that girls don’t have the urge to do the same thing, at the very least to have a wide variety of sexual experiences before they settle down with a guy. If you can be one of those sexual experiences you’re a lucky man. These girls tend to talk about just wanting to have fun in their profile. When you message them don’t be coy. Be up front about wanting to have great sex and for it to be a fantastically fun time.

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